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International Society for Virtual Rehabilitation (ISVR)

Visitors Since February 2003:


Poster Production Guidelines

  1. The dimensions of the posters are 90 cm (width) by 120 cm (length), i.e., portrait layout.

  2. They will be attached to the poster stands by thumbtacks which will be provided on site.

  3. For those of you who want to have your posters printed locally in Haifa, Israel, arrangements have been made with:

    Company name: Haataka
    Web site: http://haataka.co.il/ (but only available in Hebrew or Russian)
    Address: 60 Moriah St, Haifa
    Phone number: +972 4 834-8324 (when calling from abroad)
    04-834-8324 (when calling from Israel)
    Contact names: Ilan, Ilena or Eina
    Contact email: haataka@netvision.net.il (with a cc to vrehab2009@gmail.com)
    Poster quality: paper weight = 180 gm (specify glossy or matte finish)
    Amount and Method of payment: ~ $25 by credit card in advance (when the order is placed).  Specify that poster is related to VR 2009 conference.

  4. If you email your file as a PPT attachment, there is no guarantee that colors, fonts or dimensions will remain accurate.  In order to ensure that your poster will come out exactly as you want it to appear, it is strongly recommended that you email it as a PDF or JPEG (150-200 ppi) attachment.  In all cases make sure that your poster’s aspect ratio is 3:4 (width:length).

  5. The company must receive your poster attachment by Monday June 22, 2009.  The conference organizers will pick up posters submitted by that date and bring them to the conference site by the morning of June 30, 2009. If your poster is submitted after June 22 and is not ready when we get the others, then you will be responsible for picking up your poster on your own.

  6. The conference organizers cannot be responsible for acting as intermediaries with the company.  The company has done good work for us in the past but we cannot guarantee your satisfaction with the poster they will produce for you.  

Virtual Reality 2009 - University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel - June 29 to July 2, 2009